Bmobile urged to reach out


THE bmobile network coverage should be extended to reach areas.
Bmobile is PNG’s telecommunication service provider, however, coverage is only accessible in towns and cities which is unfair.
It has the strength to cover a large distances, however, service provision is too slow, whereas with Digicel, which has weaker strength, is continuously broadening its coverage.
Customers only use the service in towns and cities but when they’re back in the rural areas, it is unavailable and they continuously voice concerns over this.
I have come to realise that the service it provides is much cheaper than the other network service providers and also do not swindle customers.
I appeal to bmobile to extend its coverage to reach the unreached areas of Papua New Guinea for better communication accessibility.

Concerned Customer,
Issen N.Umnbah


  • Coming from Nuku district, in sandaun province having BMOBILE in my possession is useless. Bmobile is a locally owned enterprise, which majority of rural population across the country don’t really appreciate, only the ones living in major cities and towns do enjoy the benefits. Likewise digicel company reaches every corner of the country. Later digicel sucks.
    Bmobile, be fair, just and take back citizens as your one and only customer.
    Over to you Bmobile management.

  • living in a big city has been a struggle for many, for everything cost money. Many people use this telecommunication services to pass on messages from one to another and even families back in the remote areas of this wonderful nation of ours.
    Now the concern for many citizens as a witness is that most people admire the service BMOBILE provides which is cheap, unlike DIGICEL even it has many towers in most parts across the country yet there service is much more expensive and some of the terms and conditions doesn’t go well with the image they portray.

    We need to use services that can accommodate its valued customers regardless of the richness or how struggling they are..

    Bmobile user…

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