Board error affects school

The National, Friday July 22nd, 2016

THE Southern Highlands Provincial Education Board has failed to update the Teaching Service Commission with information on a remote school resulting in 10 teachers missing out on disadvantage allowances for two years, says a board member.
Teaching Services Commissioner Baran Sori said the provincial education board has not provided correct details of Milwerip Primary School and as a result the teachers have not been paid their dues over a year now.
The Teaching Services Commission was apparently unaware of the situation until it was reported in The National on Wednesday.
“Southern Highlands Provincial Education Board should update Teaching Service Commission with information of the school’s code.
“We did not know until it (the article) came up on the paper,” Sor said.
He said the TSC had contacted Southern Highlands Provincial Education Board and learnt that, due to change of location, the school was going through that.
Sori told The National that TSC had directed the provincial education board to verify the school code and report to them.
He said the report will help to resolve this issue.
If the school code is verified, then only those teachers who have been appointed to teach there would be paid their outstanding dues.
Head teacher Samson Johannes expressed his disappointment towards TSC for this mishap that has affected his staffs.
The 10 teachers from Milwerip Primary School which is located in the border of Imbonggu, Mendi and Nipa-Kutubu districts in Southern Highlands have not received their disadvantage allowance for 2015 and this year.