Board supports women empowerment programme

National Gaming Control Board chief executive officer Imelda Agon (left) presenting the cheque for K150,000 to PNG Fashion Week managing director Philma Kelegai recently. – Picture supplied

NATIONAL Gaming Control Board chief executive officer Imelda Agon says more Papua New Guinean women should be marketing their own designs and garments globally.
“We are always keen to support programmes that empower women in business and their efforts to enhance creativity in the fashion industry, both domestic and international,” she said.
Speaking at a K150,000 donation presentation by the board for the Papua New Guinea Fashion Week Paradise Festival on Sept 18, Agon said support to strengthen opportunities for women, particularly in small medium enterprises (SMEs), would help them become economically independent.
“It is essential for growing our economy and community socio-economic development,” she said.
Agon said the young were impacting communities, SMEs and businesses through the fashion industry and “we need to support and stimulate creativity and wealth creation for sustainable growth”.
She said it was encouraging to see the Government’s support to promote SMEs and culture globally.
“We note the Government’s commitment to this industry, considering the potential of bringing in fabric printing machines so that we can have Papua New Guineans producing their own designs,” she said.
“These printing machines will enable Papua New Guineans to start up factories.
“However, I would like to appeal to the Government to consider opening pathways with countries such as Indonesia and Thailand where we can trade cheaper fabrics so that organisations such as PNG Fashion Week and SME businesses can become the manufacturing hub for PNG.”
PNG Fashion Week managing director Philma Kelegai said: “We are a sustainable fashion platform that showcases PNG designs and garments.”