Board warns contractors

National, Normal

The National, Monday March 3rd, 2014

 CONTRACTORS who deliver poor work and fail to complete projects on time will be blacklisted by the Morobe provincial supply and tenders board, an official says.

Morobe deputy provincial administrator Patilias Gamato said this last Thursday after learning that a number of contractors engaged by the provincial government were way behind their project schedules. “This is not good,” he said. 

“Contractors receiving funding from the provincial government must pull their socks up,” Gamato said.

Gamato, chairman of the provincial physical planning board, issued the warning during a visit to inspect two renovated single quarters at the Bumbu police barracks. “Last year the provincial government awarded contracts to about 12 companies but some of them have not started work yet. We will go and do physical inspections,” he said.

Gamato said he had already given the names of some under performing companies to the provincial supply and tenders board.

“I do not want to name them. They know themselves,” Gamato said.

He said the contractors were awarded K5 million under the PSIP funds and their work ranged from road construction and maintenance to building and upgrading of public utilities. 

Gamato however praised the contractor that renovated the quarters.