Boat passengers missing

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TWO passengers are missing after three dinghies capsized while travelling from Madang town to Raicoast on Wednesday.
Police commander Supt Mazuc Rubiang said the three boats encountered bad weather and rough seas.
“It is the weather many people in Madang and Raicoast refer to as the Rai because of the path it takes on its way to Madang,” he said.
“The wind is very strong and can damage town properties.”
He said the boats left the Madang town market late in the afternoon for Raicoast.
“Due to the strong wind, the skippers of the boats were unable to work out the route they were taking, causing the boats to capsize and drift towards Astrolabe Bay,” he said.
“The three boats drifted (for 13 hours) and passengers managed to hold on until dawn (yesterday).”
He said 18 passengers were rescued by boats travelling to Madang from Raicoast yesterday.
Supt Rubiang urged villagers to take heed of weather warnings.
“We are facing heavy rain and strong wind so precaution must be taken,” he said.
Two of the boats are from Basamuk named Tukeyak and Dangalau and another named Golden Rice which had 10 passengers.
Its skipper managed to swim ashore to raise the alarm.


  • Rai Coast MP should buy big passenger boats for them using DSIP Funds. Get the boats registered with IPA under DDA’s business arm(s) if they have, subsidize fares for passengers and let the DDA manage and run it as a sub corporate entity in the name of service delivery to the people.

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