Boat to serve East Sepik people

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The National, Tuesday August 07th, 2012

PEOPLE of the Wewak Islands and coastal villages on the East and West coasts of Wewak district, in East Sepik, will now have no problem with sea transport.
For more than 30 years people from these areas have been suffering in terms of sea transport.
Many have lost lives during rough weather when travelling on boats powered by outboard motors.
They find it very difficult to transport cash crops such as copra and other sea produce to the market because the small outboard motor boats cannot carry heavy loads for a long distance and during rough seas.
But all these problems will now be a thing of the past because the islanders and coastal villages have a vessel that will provide transport services in these areas.
Unsucessful Wewak elections candidate Dr Moses Manwau has seen the hardship faced by his people over the years and has tried his best during his short term as a Member of the Parliament to provide better services to his people in the district.
The vessel mv Mr Wewak No.1 will be serving the 13 islands as well as coastline villages.
The vessel can carry 50 passengers with 30 tonnes of cargo 
Manwau said last Tuesday that the vessel was bought from the PNG Quality Company based in Alotau, Milne Bay, for K850,000.
The money came from the Public Investment Programme (PIP) under its transport sector funds.
A small ceremony was held last Sunday on her arrival in which people welcomed her with a traditional singsing. Wewak mayor Peter Saun received the vessel.
Saun was very happy with the arrival of the vessel, saying people have had suffering for a long time and this time they had government services.