Bodia’s future prospects


WE share our views on the development aspects of Bogia district because it is one of the least developed districts in the country.
Recent media report on the priority of the District Development Plan budget towards addressing law and order issues in the district announced by Robert Naguri is welcome.
Law and order is a big issue and must be dealt with.
We can have all the development and public infrastructure in place but it will come down crumbling if law and order is not managed.
The only guarantee for better living, good infrastructure, equal justice, and development depends on how best law and order is managed at all levels.
For so long Bogia has been under the spell of slow development, and one of the contributing factors has been the high volume of law and order issues present.
The Initiatives by Naguri to boost local security by setting up policy barracks, police posts, rural courthouse and rural lock-up is the way forward. These should include the setting up of a military post at Daigul as has been proposed by the national Government.
When security and safety is guaranteed, development in terms of infrastructure, service delivery, better local economy, business boom, etc, will happen

Jerry Ambali
Bogia People Network

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