Bodies found on beach

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THE decapitated bodies of an Asian man and a Papua New Guinean woman were found along a beach in Baimuru, Kikori, Gulf, acting Gulf provincial police commander Snr Insp Michael Pakyei says.
Pakyei said they suspected it was the work of a trans-national syndicate operating in the area.
“Police suspect that it is a trademark of an underground Asian-PNG syndicate that has been operating between Gulf and Western provinces for some time now,” he said.
He called on villages along the coastline of both provinces to report any missing women.
He said police were also checking logging operations in both provinces who employed Asians to find out if any of them was missing.
Pakyei said they believed the man was around 45 while woman was around 18.
He said the man had both legs cut off at the knees.
“The headless man also had both legs chopped off at the kneecaps.
“There was a cut on both thighs near the groin that was surgically stitched up,” Pakyei said.
“We don’t know what was removed or what was inserted in it before it was stitched but we believe it was done by a professional medical officer,” he said.
“The body also had a stab wound on the chest, probably from a screw driver.”
He said the decomposed body of the man was found washed up at Upaipa village and near the mouth of the Paie River last Saturday and was later buried there.
Pakyei said the body of the woman was found washed up on the beach by Mariki villagers last Monday.
He said because it was in a bad state, it was also buried.
“We don’t know how these victims were killed.
“We believe they were killed somewhere and dumped into the sea and the tide brought them ashore.” The bodies were found three kilometres apart along the same beachfront.

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