Bogia district should support its tertiary students

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday March 5th, 2014

 I AM a proud yet disgruntled Bogia student who would like John Hickey  to  help students from the district who are currently enrolled in the universities and colleges. 

Bogia has a good reputation in educated, with elites all over the country. We have quite a good number of professionals who are  employed in the government and private sector.

However, the district is pretty much  shattered by the look of its current state. 

The district funding has not showed any tangibility over the years. 

Infrastructure, health, education,  law and order  plus  other  government priorities to improve our livelihood are deteriorating. 

One   of  the  evidences was the use of torch by a health staff  to deliver a baby in a health centre that was pictured and published  two  weeks  ago in the paper. 

There is so much evidence to prove the lack of service delivery to the area. 

And  the  rise  in fees is giving our parents a hard time to find money  in  a place like this, many of our tertiary students are dropping out of studies and finding a job to earn to continue studies. 

A  more  dreadful  thing  is the rise in tertiary institution fees. 

Our parents are faced with reality to pay for our fees or else we lose our dreams of becoming someone in the future. 

Please support the students because it is one method we can rebuild  the district through investing in education at tertiary level using district funds. 

When we are fully well-found with human resources, then we can work together to reduce some problems in planning, management and implementation of the DSIP resources in our district. 


Emkay, Via email