Bogia man on probation

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The National, Thursday 24th November 2011

RAY Sheekiot, 42, of Suaru village, Bogia, who was charged with grievous bodily harm, had his four-year jail sentence suspended by the Madang National Court yesterday.
Sheekiot is alleged to have attacked his female cousin with a bush knife.
The court has shown mercy after he paid compensation and reconciled with her.
He is the brother of senior police officer Fred Sheekiot.
He was found guilty of injuring his cousin on the neck and face with a bush knife after
the woman told him off for the manner in
which he disciplined her child.
The court heard Ray had used the back of a bush knife to “whack” his nephew.
But the boy’s mother saw what he had done and an argument ensued during which he attacked her with the same bush knife.
The court was told that since then, Ray had paid K1,837, a pig and store goods as compensation to his cousin’s family and the pair had reconciled.
In suspending his sentence of four years jail and to be on probation with strict conditions, judge David Cannings said: “When you put a knife to a person, especially a bush knife, to
the neck area it becomes a life threatening situation causing great distress.”
Cannings noted that Ray had been recently recruited as a volunteer police reservist in Bogia, with good reports from others in the
community of his conduct.