Boiken Parish hosts Bible month to mark anniversary


Bishop Józef Roszynski celebrated Bible Month at Boiken East Sepik this week which coincided with the 110th anniversary of the arrival of SVD Missionaries to Boiken Parish, first located in Wewak Diocese in 1908.
The missionaries arrived first at Yuo Island (outside Wewak town) just opposite where Boiken Parish is now located.
The people were aware that this was the first access point where the missionaries entered what is called now the Catholic Diocese of Wewak.
It took a lot of effort and logistics to prepare the decoration on the island, at Boiken shore, church and a very lively liturgy.
“There was boat trip to Yuo Island and from there I arrived carrying the Bible to Boiken.
“At the shore, I was welcomed by a singsing group and warriors with spears.
“I broke the spear and declared that the law of the spear is finished and welcomed the law of the Bible.
“We all know that in reality it takes much longer.
“Yet it was a turning point and the change of Papua New Guinea started from the Word of God, and the missionary activity at all levels of human existence.
“It was great to see that the Bibles which the people brought from their homes to the church on that day were well used.
“In my sermon, I gave the people five reasons why it was important to read the Bible every day. Reading the Bible changes our way of thinking, gives us clear direction how to live our lives, teaches us how to listen to God, it makes us to plant the seed of the Word of God in our souls, and allows us to see who we really are in the eyes of God.”
After the Mass there was Bible quiz for representatives from each community.
“I encouraged the people to read New Testament this month.”

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