Bold move by Polye to launch T.H.E Party

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday 10th Febuary 2012

I WOULD like to commend Don Polye for laun­ching the Triumph Heri­tage Empowerment Party (T.H.E Party) recently.
I would like to state that despite the instability in his previous party, Polye was faithful, honest, decisive, patient and calm up until his sacking from the NA party.
Despite being treated like a stepson, Polye still respects Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare and his former party colleagues.
The squabble in the previous party was due to many factors but one which stood out was that Sir Michael has many “sons” who were fighting  over who should take over the party leadership.
Some of them were ruthless and cunning in their quest for political power.
The hunger for political power has driven many leaders over the centuries to go to extreme and the current situation in PNG is no exception.
However, we must realise that such actions may set a precedent and will encourage our people to go to the extreme too.
Polye has decided to go out on his own and has formed T.H.E Party.
He must be commended as he has managed to convince like-minded MPs from the NA to join him.
While I have great respect for Sir Michael and have supported him over the years, I have now deci­ded to support Polye.
I would like to appeal to Sir Michael to seriously consider retiring from politics and give his body and heart to fully recover from his heart surgery.
Who knows, the unnecessary stress may cause other health complications.

Luimack Johnson
Via email