Bolt cutter used to open centre

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THE main gate chain to the Southern Highlands administrative building (Agiru Centre) had been cut open by soldiers using bolt cutter because a wrong key was given to open the lock.
Provincial administrator Thomas Eluh was given wrong keys by youths who locked the gates and he had to try several times before finally calling for a bolt cutter.
The Defence personnel after opening the gates carefully secured the building starting from the first to the seventh floor.
Electricity to the building had been disconnected.
Eluh said he would make sure power was restored before he started work on Monday.
“I do not know if they have accidently given me the wrong keys or if they meant it,” he said.
“But a minority group cannot hold the people of Southern Highlands at ransom, this is unfair and I had to open the gate using a bolt cutter,” he told The National.
He said Southern Highlands was a blessed province.
“It does not belong to a clan, tribe, community or a district. I opened the gate because I will start work with my public servants on Monday,” Eluh said.
He said he drove yesterday along the new Mendi-Tambul road and saw people in the villages busy with their daily chores, while most of the problems faced were based in the town.
“I do not have a divided heart and I am not divided.
“I have heart for this province and will work with the people to make sure their expectations are met.”
Eluh said all public servants must be in the province and report to work on Monday as he would be having a meeting with department heads.
The gate to the administration building was chained by a disgruntled group of youths over election-related matters.