Bomana inmates graduate from bible school programme

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The National, Thursday 04th April, 2013

MORE than 40 inmates of Bomana prison graduated from their six-month bible school programme yesterday as they strive to become better citizens.
Female detainee representative Maggie Michael thanked Pr Peter Dege and officers of the institution for bringing back hope and purpose into their lives.
“You have given us this opportunity on a golden plate and we promise to impart to others what we have learnt,” she said.
“A gun cannot change a man’s heart and mind nor can a human fist; only the power of God can do that,” a male detainee Alois Arebebe
“Please bring such courses into the institution to help us become better people.”
Pr Dege urged the inmates to become living examples of the Word and help save this country.
“I have given my utmost time, resources and skills because I want my countrymen to change.”
The teacher of Truth Bible School said that teaching inmates was very different from teaching students in classrooms.
“These people have committed all sorts of crimes and their inner feelings are locked up.
“But the Word of God has made a difference in their lives and it enabled me to reach out to
Theology courses which include discipleship and pastoral training was taught there and apart from the inmates, 11 correctional service officers as well as 11 of their family members also graduated.
The programme ended last September but the graduation was postponed due to the fight that occurred between the inmates.
Pr Dege appealed to any interested individuals or organisations to help him since he has been using his own funds to carry out the courses.
“Phases two and three of the programme will be continued later on and we are yet to decide when to conduct baptism,” he said.