Bomana warder seen drinking on duty

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ONE of 10 warders who was supposed to be at work last Sunday in Bomana when prisoners escaped, was seen drinking beer at a nearby black market.
Deputy Correctional Services Commissioner Henry Wavik said yesterday that the warder, whom he did not name, was drinking at the Nine-Mile settlement, about five kilometres from the prison.
Mr Wavik said they were yet to establish why the warders scheduled for duty that day failed to turn up for work, leading to the breakout.
At least 57 prisoners escaped from Bomana at about midday on Sunday. It is understood four have been recaptured. The prisoners apparently took advantage of lack of guards at the prison.
The 10 warders that were suspended from duty as a result of the breakout are still at work.
This was because their replacements were yet to arrive, Mr Wavik said, adding that they had to wait for the substitutes to arrive and fit into their routine schedules to avoid prisoners from taking advantage of their absence before issuing the 10 warders with their suspension notices.
He said the suspension documents were already in place awaiting the replacements before they are served on Thursday.
Mr Wavik also appealed to the media to assist with their effort to recapture the prisoners.
He said they did not have any money to carry out media campaign about the identities of the prisoners to assist in their recapture.
He said assistance from the media would help the community identify the escapees and report them to authorities.