Bombom confirms attack

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KEREMA Open MP Pitom Titus Bombom confirmed yesterday that some frustrated members of his electorate had attacked him at Kaintiba last Thursday where he had gone to celebrate the 35th Independence Day anniversary celebrations.
Bombom said this in a statement after yesterday’s front page story in the two daily newspapers which said he was assaulted at the station.
“I was not seriously assaulted or ran away as claimed by the two daily newspapers,” he said.
“In fact, the incident actually happened and I only sustained a scratch on the right cheek caused by a bamboo which was thrown at me by a member of the public.”
Bombom said even after the attack, he stood and faced his people and addressed them.
He claimed that a small group of people who were supporters of the Kaintiba local level government, Jerry Yeninga, had tried to attack him.
Bombom said he had travelled to Kaintiba with one policeman and a Kerema district officer.
“My people want to see me more often then as been the case and I understand that but certain circumstances and situations have not allowed that,” he said.
The MP said he had been going in and out of his electorate, including Kaintiba, regularly, providing basic services since he was elected three years ago.
Bombom blamed Gulf Governor Havila Kavo for being assaulted.
He urged the Gulf government to assist the open electorates and district with service delivery.