Bonga slams assembly by cops outside embassy

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The National, Wednesday 11th January 2012


NAWAEB MP Timothy Bonga has criticised the assembly of police officers outside the Indonesian embassy as a breach of protocol.

The police officers were monitoring the protest by a group of people led by non-governmental organisations against the Indonesian government’s decision to send two fighter jets to track a PNG-owned Falcon jet carrying three government ministers and others from Malaysia to Port Moresby on Nov 29.

He said Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga should not have allowed the officers to assemble outside the Indonesian embassy in Port Moresby, calling it a disgrace to the PNG police.

Bonga said the foreign missions of Indonesia, Malaysia and PNG or the international police are the only people who can deal with such issues.

"Do the protestors know what happened in the airspace or are they making a lot of noise because they are political supporters claiming to be NGOs?"

He said people should understand that Belden Namah was in the Indonesian air space and not PNG air space when the Falcon jet was tracked.

"So how can we complain about our sovereignty being undermined?"