Bonga urges police to resume normal duties

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The National, Wednesday 21st December 2011

NAWAEB MP Timothy Bonga has called on police officers to return to their bases to maintain law and order instead of providing security
to members of parliament.
“As the two regimes continue to differ, I call upon the men and wo­men of the Royal PNG Constabulary to uphold their oath of duty to protect the people and maintain the rule of law,” he said.
Bonga said despite the political stand-off, the public had respected the law and maintained peace and order.
He said there was no need to fly in additional police officers from outside Port Moresby as there had been no public unrest and no threat to state property.
“I call on them to return to their respective postings to maintain law and order,” he said.
“There is no major crisis and I urge the police to uphold the rule of law.”
Bonga said the O’Neill government had continuously broken the laws since Aug 2 and were causing tension.