Book about land issues criticised


A book written to educate young people about land issues has had its authenticity disputed by the Bonora clan, of Rigo, in Central.
An elder of Bonora clan, Besi Babona, responding to an article published in The National on Dec 28, said the book was preconceived.
Babona said the book, written by Borana Nauga and titled Taboro Linguistic Land Group, does not represent the views of the Taboro clan.
Ealier, Nauga said he wrote the book to help people in Taboro identify their land and settle disputes.
On Friday, Babona said the book was the author’s personal view.
“Taboro people totally disagree with his book on Taboro history as he has not taken the views of the other Taboro people,” he said.
“Taboro native speakers have different clans, who have elders and chiefs that have their own tumbuna stories on the history of where their ancestors came from.
“This book is misleading and will mislead the people in identifying their land.
“It will eventually cause disharmony among the people in the villages in Taboro area in Rigo.”