Book on modern PNG almost ready

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A NEW book about life in modern PNG is ready to be published.
The 200-page book titled The Art of Living in Papua New Guinea for Youths, is written by a former high school teacher and speaks of issues about contemporary life in PNG societies.
The writer, Arnold Leo, who is of Chimbu and Enga parentage, said the book had taken him almost eight years to complete.
Leo said that the idea behind the book was to unite the diverse people of PNG as one, particularly the youths who were vulnerable to unhealthy influences.
“We are a nation of 800 different tribes; therefore, to bring everyone together in realising one vision is not practical.
“My book, when published, will complement the great vision by aligning people’s thought to the vision’s directives,” Leo said.
The 49-year-old former public servant said that the prologue of his book was written by the Governor-General Sir Paulias Matane, who read the entire manuscript and was dazzled.  
He said the book had five chapters and all the information were educational and could be used in classroom learning or in general reading.
He said although the book was targeted at the youths, it was also a good reading material for adults and old people.
Leo said though the book was written before the birth of PNG Vision 2050, all the chapters in the book one way or the other capture the dream of the vision.
Leo said the main obstacle getting his work published was funding.
He said in order to get the first 100 copies of the book in hard cover, it would cost him around K100,000.
Leo said he was a simple writer and did not have the money to publish his book but was now appealing to the business community, statutory bodies, politicians and other private individuals to help him publish his book.
Leo can be reached on 7272 1577.