Book to help rural churches

National, Normal

The National, Thursday October 10th, 2013


UTILISING human ability gifted to us by God to share ideas and experiences create vital materials for rural church members to abide and follow is crucial, St John Parish president Tami Niaura says.

But rural congregations lack technical, financial and logistical aspects to initiate what they aspire to become, he said.  

Niaura, from Zare village, Morobe post in Huon Gulf, realised the fruition of collective human ideas being collated in writing a 28-page handbook for congregation presidents.

It took three years for leaders to prove their writing skills utilising vast experience in church activities to compile the handbook titled Kamapim lait insait long bel bilong wanwan Kristen manmeri”.

The contents comprised structures for congregation, administration, presidents, pastors, devotion groups, congregation good news, youth, women, Sunday school, notices and acknowledgements, including roles, responsibilities and functions of leaders.

The longest serving church elder, Eliesha Sosomao and primary school teacher Ayosi Zavier led members include Morea Ziauwa (Good News), Sidi Gaira (youth), Yoyowa Zaza (women), Bope Kawai (Sunday school) and pastors’ Muwe Muwe, Gari Yominao and Francis Siki.