Book Week launched as country turns new page


EDUCATION Secretary Dr Uke Kombra  says the nation is going through a new phase of development based on Christian principles.
He launched the 2017 National Book Week celebrations in Port Moresby on Monday at the American Corner in the National Library.
The American Corner is a resource centre filled with books about America – its government, culture, history and current affairs.
It is also equipped with the latest information technology which hosts discussion groups, seminars and digital video conferencing.
“We are now in a new phase of change – a new phase of leadership, a new phase of development, and a new phase in education,” Kombra said.
“And these new phases are based on Christianity and  PNG being a Christian country.
“But to advance our country, we all need to be educated.
“To achieve our goals in education and a better life in  the future, we cannot do without books.
“Books are in libraries. Therefore, we are here to celebrate and recognise a very important component or aspect of our education which is reading a book.
“We must understand that information promotes and empowers citizens’ participation in the democratic process.
“It maintains the rule of law and creates a viable outlet for the injection of public opinion.
“Information informs the policy-making process of political leadership, all of which nurtures the building of sustainable peace for the enhancement of the country.”

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