Books boost young people’s IQ: Director


NATIONAL director of library and archive services Kakaito Kasi has reminded teachers, parents and schools of the important role books play in helping young learners develop their intelligence quotient (IQ).
Kasi said this during a ceremony during the launch of National Book Week in Goroka, Eastern Highlands, on Monday.
He said the National Book Week slogan “Upgrade your knowledge (intelligence quotient)” reflected the importance of books, reading, libraries, literacy and acquiring knowledge for educational and recreational purposes.
“People in many countries develop their IQs through reading and I would like to encourage our parents and school board managements and teachers to make decisive investments in the procurement of reading books.”
He said books could be assessed and used by many students whereas cell phones, tablets, and laptops were only used by individuals.
“In today’s information age, many are talking about upgrading cell phones, laptops, and IPad’s to their latest versions to maximise benefits of modern information technology to upgrade one’s knowledge.”
He said the objectives of the National Book Week was to:

  • Instil in young PNG learners the love and appreciation of books;
  • develop amongst students essential and reading literacy skills; and
  • Promote the use of libraries in PNG