Books earmarked for 30 schools in WHP

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The National- Tuesday, January 25, 2011

 MILLION of kina worth of text books will now be delivered to more than 30 schools in Western Highlands, thanks to the Mandan Coffee and Tea plantation.

The text books includes encyclopedias, dictionaries, basic readers and national geographic magazines.

The books would be distributed to all schools near the plantation like  Kindeng, Mandan 

and Avi.  

The books were brought in from the US and would be delivered to schools which lacked  access to books.

The Mandan Tea and Coffee plantation trading as Highlands Arabicas Ltd, through their contacts in US, have helped with the books that could have cost the Education departments more. 

Highlands Arabica Ltd shareholder Aarlie Hull said the idea for the book drive was to provide good education for students.

She said she and her husband Larry had managed to bring in a 40-foot container of books into the country which were donated by people from overseas through the US.

She said more than 75,000 books had been brought in and they had also managed to meet the transport cost of more than K30, 000.