Boost for Southern Highlands road construction

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday 12th June 2013

 NIPA-Kutubu MP Pesap Jeffery Komal has contributed K600,000 towards the construction of the Kongu-Erap road at Poroma local level government in Southern Highlands.

The road, which runs from Tidom Hill to Nipa station, will serve more than 25,000 people.

During his first joint district planning and budget priority committee meeting at Nipa, Komal had promised to reopen and upgrade all feeder roads in the electorate.

The roads include the ones from Merep to Wagi, Komea to Ingin, Koare to Sesenda, Ungupi to Haraenja and Pulim Herep to Kongu.

The Kongu-Erap road is an important link for people living in the rich agricultural land in the Nipa-Kutubu district.

Southern Highlands Governor William Powi had earlier committed K1 million to the Kongu-Erap road which will link people living in the Poroma and Nipa basin local level government.

The contract was awarded to Portiland Construction Ltd. 

Locals are excited and providing workers lunch and helping them.

Southern Highlands adviser for division of agriculture and livestock Kenneth Kuim Toap said the area was a rich agricultural land and the road link would greatly promote agriculture in the area.

Toap said people who wanted to sell their garden produce at the markets to earn an income had been handicapped and the new road link would bring hope to them.