Boost in agriculture, tourism seen in Goroka


Goroka MP Henry Ame says agriculture and tourism are set to boom in his town and Eastern Highlands following the opening of the new airport there.
“I think it’s going to be a boost to our tourism and agriculture,” Ame told The National.
“You’ve got to have an avenue for people to come in, to do business.
“The airport will open the way for business partners and investors from outside to come in.
“Hopefully, we will see an increase in tourism, an increase in agriculture.
“It will grow the economy of Goroka, Eastern Highlands and the country as well.”
Ame described the airport as a “great achievement” for Goroka and Eastern Highlands.
The opening of the airport also saw the resumption of jet flights into Goroka.
“I think it will benefit not only Eastern Highlands but also neighbouring provinces like Chimbu,” he said.
“I think this is a great thing that the O’Neill-Government has delivered to Goroka.
“We are very much proud of the opening today (Tuesday).
“This is a great change for the province and the town itself.
“We’re happy and we commend the Government for giving us the airport and the terminal.”