Boram prison still close to visitors

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BORAM prison inmates will continue to miss out on their usual weekly visits by relatives and friends as the ban has yet to be lifted following the cholera outbreak in the Angoram and Wewak districts.
Provincial cholera response co-ordinator Dr John Sairere said yesterday the ban imposed on Dec 16 would remain until the cholera situation throughout the province improved.
Dr Sairere said: “The temporary ban on visits is in the best interest of the prisoners because the disease can spread easily through physical contact.
“The environment the prisoners live in is also very conducive for cholera to spread.
“We have decided to extend the ban to prevent infected relatives from spreading the disease to the prisoners.
“We are also working closely with the Wewak General Hospital to ensure that new prisoners convicted by the courts and remandees get medical clearance from the hospital before they are brought to prison.”
The prisoners, who had agreed to observe the ban, wanted the health task force to ensure that they were provided with more fruits, greens and vegetables instead.
They claimed conditions in prison were unfit for human habitation and the authorities should improve on toilets and showers, and overcrowding in cell blocks.