Border people abandon homes, flee in fear of Covid-19


FIFTY-TWO people from three villages along the border of Indonesia and the Telefomin district in West Sepik have left their homes in fear of contracting Covid-19 and are seeking refuge at Okisai village at Frieda River in the Telefomin local level government.
Aki Singen, leader of Wapia village, a neighbouring village to Okisai, said those people had brought fear to the village people because many people were dying in Indonesia.
“These people who travelled should be stopped from moving further,” he said.
Singen said they came from Oksibil, Binibil and Tumolbil villages.
He said Oksibil and Binibil villages were on the Indonesian side and Tumolbil on the PNG side of the border.
Singen said some of those villages were on the Indonesian side but they were from the Min tribe of Telefomin.
He said they had to walk all the way to Frieda to seek refuge because they were scared of Covid-19.
Singen said the Yapsi LLG was located at the border and there should be security personnel to monitor the border.
“People are still trespassing and it is a big concern for us if any of the infected persons cross the border and come in contact with the people in my village.
“Before anything happens, they must be stopped. The 52 people who came are at Okisai village.”
Telefomin rural police station commander Snr Const Prais Kaiyus confirmed that he had received reports of the 52 people and had reported that to the authorities in Vanimo to look into. He said there were three auxiliary policemen and a regular policeman at Tumolbil.


  • Genuine Calling: SOE controller through National government to stretch severe control in borders, if its mean to issue sprout & slay power to our borders securities, please do so to protect us.

  • We do not have the capacity in terms of defence man power and infrastructure- especially roads on our side of the border to monitor the movement of people. The Govt. must now recruit tens of thousands of army personal to be placed along the border day and night. It is a massive land mass. People are hiding and crossing using bush tracks. Our Army officers are only manning very few sections were the roads are. The entire stretch of the border is not manned. So the Indonesians will still cross over despite our efforts to stop them. What can the Govt. do now? Are we going to just tell them not to cross back and forth.

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