Boregaina-Wiga road yet to be fixed despite fundings

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 09th April, 2013

 THE Boregaina-Wiga road has become something like an automated teller machine (ATM) for some politicians in the last two elections.

In 2007, a political party reportedly allocated K6.5 million for the road be­cause it had a candidate.

Last year, another party funded the same road with some K18 million.

It is unbecoming of political parties and lea­ders to do such things.

They are not on the ball, leaving their people to fend for themselves. 

The hardship encountered by the people on a daily basis, especially in the upper Rigo inland, should not be blamed en­tirely on political lea­ders but vo­ters themselves.

Voters like to point their finger at the MP for failing to deliver but they must also remember that three 

of their fingers are pointing back at themselves.

People are forced to walk two or three days to reach the nearest Rigo 

district administration head­quarters to conduct business or catch PMVs to Port Moresby.

The road has deteriorated and it is now like a pig’s track. 

Government services are non-existent, schools are without teachers and materials, aid posts are without medicine, trade stores are without stocks and there are no income-generating activities.

I call on the prime mi­nister to honour his party founder, the late Sir Bill Skate’s commitment of K2 million for the maintenance of the Boregaina-Wiga road.


Guni Melo

Via email