Born to lead


A LEADER is one who is born to lead.
To lead, one must possess the qualities that create trust and a true sense of security with wisdom and knowledge.
A leader knows true values that impact people with positiveness, as long as it is in harmony with the majority.
He seeks council from the wise, and takes care of every leaps of his steps.
A leader is always people-oriented.
A leader is always a Godly man, one who fears God more than anything else and whose character is founded upon the three fundamental pillars of leadership; love, fear and obedience.
In order for one to become a leader, one must strive to develop characters framed within these three pillars.
Not only this, wisdom and knowledge are the two other very important tools that guide a leader to make a good decision.
The decisions made encompasses success and prosperity with maximum benefit enjoyed by every individual.
In PNG, choosing a good leader has become a national crisis and leaders mandated were poorly informed citizens who are incompetent against a complex world of advancing technology and information.
Knowledge is key and we need leaders with knowledge because the delivery of service, such as infrastructure developments, schools, bridges, and road and health services are procured through the know-how of knowledgeable leaders.
This is a real time of tests for the leaders as some have proven themselves true while others not.
Our present political saga unfolds those hiding in their shells.
Their true character is brought to light at the turn of this political event and we know who is a true leader and who is not.
Let us wait and see more of it to come sooner.

Tony Guan

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