Why Borneo? Sir Puka says firm has best credentials


Health and HIV/AIDS Minister Sir Puka Temu has assured Parliament that despite past issues that Borneo Pacific Pharmaceutical Company has had in Papua New Guinea, the company had won the bid to supply 100 per cent medical kits supplies based on its merits.
He said the company had been in the country for a long time and it did indeed have historical issues but the procurement criteria was now “very stringent” and the company had won the contract based on its credentials.
Wabag MP Dr Lino Tom had questioned if the medicine shortage currently faced in the country was because of Borneo Pharmaceutical’s inability to deliver on time.
“Less than 10 companies bidded for the supply of the 100 per cent medical kits and Borneo Pacific Pharmaceutical won,” Sir Puka said.
“It has now completed its procurement and the 100 per cent medical kits will arrive on Jan 4. So by the first quarter of 2018, all the medical kits will be supplied to health facilities throughout the nation.”
Sir Temu said they were now in the Central Supply and Tenders Board process of awarding the logistics contracts so once the medical kits arrived, they would be delivered more efficiently.
He also clarified that the Borneo Pacific Pharmaceutical Company did not cause the medicine shortage in the country and stated that the medicine shortage had always been an issue since independence.