Boroko craft market vendors call for shelter


Vendors at Boroko craft market in the National Capital District are calling on the Government to make available proper venues with shelters for them to conduct their business.
Nickson Napa of Ialibu, Southern Highlands, said he had been selling carvings there for eight years and had never seen any effort being made to improve it.
“Craft markets attracts tourists who visit the city,” he said.
“It is a shame for us to be seen like this on the street selling our products.
“I don’t know if it is the NCD Commision or the Tourism Department’s responsibility to build market for us.
“Whoever responsible should do that.”
Priscilla Robert of Chimbu, who sells blouses and bilums at the market, said carrying in tents and umbrellas was a daily struggle for her.
“I have been bringing my umbrellas and tents for six years and I am already tired. The authorities should do something.”
Robert said the craft market was there long before new markets in the city like Boroko market and Koki Fish Market, but had received no attention.
“If they can give priority to markets that sell food products, I don’t know why they can’t build a good market for us,” she said.