Boroko Market issues raised


Boroko market, formally known as Central Province Market, by Oil Search National Football Stadium, in Port Moresby, is not doing enough for the farmers.
The authorities have not allocated enough market space to Central farmers who come in from Hiritano Highway, Sogeri and Maggie Highway.
This market is meant for Central farmers and they should therefore be entitled to a bigger space in the market.
Most times the farmers stand just anywhere inside the market gates to sell their produce.
The other concern is the high fees being collected from farmers at the gates.
Each farmer is charged K5 per bag of fresh produce.
Now, if you trace the farmer back to his or her garden, you will see that the poor farmer has spent so much money to get his or her fresh produce to the city.
It costs K5 for each bag to be transported by PMV and another K5 for each bag to be carried into the market by carriers.
All in all the labour that the poor farmer has put into getting his or her produce to the market does not match the money he or she is getting after selling the produce.
Remember that the farmer has spent months working on the farm. It’s not a one-day thing, but they end up being robbed at the gates.
The authorities look into these areas and help our Central farmers.
Both governors from NCD and Central should fix the problems.

Benjamin Lipo
Vanapa, Central

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