Boroko no longer safe for shoppers

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday September 21st, 2015

 A LETTER from a “Motuan Fighter” shocked me about the death of an innocent life at Four Mile near TST Supermarket on September 12. 

Can the Police Commissioner stop preaching in the media and take a walk around the Four Mile area with his newly appointed NCD Met. Commander and observe what it’s like there? 

This place, which was once a quiet, safe and clean place has turned into another mini “Gordons market” with brainless people selling betel nut. Just opposite St. Mary’s hospital next to the drain you will find drunkards consuming alcohol freely every day in full public view.

Further up at Boroko, in front of Stop and Shop you will find betel nut sellers, drug addicts and drunkards roaming around freely as if they were in the jungles of Kutubu with no police presence. 

Yet the Boroko Police station is just few meters away. Boroko and Four Mile areas are no longer safe for us. And women are children’s lives are at risk. Please help restore these places back to their glory days. 


Scared Citizen

Boroko, NCD