Botched penis enlargements attract warning


By Rebecca Kuku
NATIONAL Capital District Governor Powes Parkop has called on men in the city to refrain from using penis enlargement chemicals and injections, saying size doesn’t matter.
He said although there was no law against it, men should be concerned about their health.
He was responding to reports of local men injecting various chemicals and liquid such as coconut oil into their penises in the hope to enlarge them. The reports quoting a local doctor who claimed to have treated more than 500 men complaining of pain and health problems after injecting themselves.
The reports published in the overseas New York Post and The Guardian newspapers quoted the doctor as saying he was still seeing more men with complications after the botched attempt to enlarge their penis.
Parkop said men should accept what the Lord had blessed them with and not to inject foreign stuff into their penis.
“You can do botex, or wear extensions, or do penile enlargements. It’s a freedom of choice so I am not telling you that you can’t do it,” Parkop said.
“I’m asking you to refrain out of concern for your wellbeing. So it’s entirely up to you. But you should know that your health and wellbeing are more important than the size.”
Meanwhile, Police Minister Jelta Wong has warned that bringing sex toys, pornographic materials and medicines for penis enlargements into the country was illegal.
Wong made this statement following reports of an increase in use of pornographic materials, sex toys and medicines for penile enlargements.
“Both the Immigration and Border Protection Minister, Petrus Thomas and I condemn such actions and warn those who are importing such things that it is illegal.”

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