Bottom-up planning is the way, says Kidu

Normal, Papua

The National

THE only way for Papua New Guinea to prosper is through bottom-up planning, starting at the community level, Moresby South MP Dame Carol Kidu said.
She said this last week at the launching of by-laws framed by the Vanagi community behind Badili Vocational School in the National Capital District.
The initiative was taken up by a 22-member team consisting of community representatives and youths on voluntary basis to form the Vanagi law and order committee.
The initiative was applauded by many of the invited guests who were present for the launch, notably Dame Carol, who congratulated them for the “imperative step”.
Vanagi has always been a community to set the pattern in the Moresby South electorate, and has always been used as an example for other communities to follow.
The aim of the by-laws is to prevent youth social unrest and their involvement in unlawful and harmful practices such as drugs, theft, home-brew and many other youth-related criminal activities.
Although the laws are simple, there is a strong sense of ownership that something had to be done about the social issues and not be overlooked, as had been the case in the past.