Bou­gainville needs children’s hospital

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The National, Wednesday, May 4, 2011

AUTONOMOUS Bou­gainville Government vice-president Patrick Nisira has directed the Bougainville health division, Buka hospital management and WHO to begin planning for a children’s hospital.
Nisira, who is the ABG health minister, said this when launching vaccination week yesterday.
He said he told the authorities draw up a detailed plan, including the cost of the proposed children’s hospital.
“Our children are the future of Bougainville. We must build a children’s hospital to take care of our children’s health care,” Nisira said.
He called on parents and health workers throughout the region to support one of ABG’s strategic action plan to build a healthy population through immunisation.
“We must all cooperate in this important programme to ensure our children do not die from preventable diseases. Parents, you have a big responsibility for your family health,” he said.
Nisira said the ABG’s responsibility was to create an environment for children to grow healthy and have easy access to quality health care.
“ABG is responsible for ensuring that health care facilities have the capacity to provide quality health care for our children and ensure that our children grow up to be good, healthy citizens,” he said.