Bougainville getting ready for arms summit

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The National, Thursday, May 19, 2011

THE Autonomous Bougainville Go­vernment is finalising plans to host a Bougainville arms summit in Buka town next week.
“The aim of the summit is to gauge the views of all stakeholders and how best the people and leaders of the region can work together to dispose of weapons and put an end to criminal activities using guns in south Bougainville,” Bougain­ville President John Momis said yesterday.
He said he was calling a summit of the widest range of leaders of communities in north, central and south Bougainville.
“I have some contact with most of the leaders of the groups.
“Most understand the problems and agree on the need for change but some leaders have difficulty controlling young men associated with their groups.
“I want the leaders to contribute to discussions of possible solutions that will work,” Momis said.
Momis, who returns to Buka today after attending the PNG-Australia Business Forum in Madang, said weapons disposal was a priority for his government and the summit was a means of uniting the people of Bougainville in addressing this cause.
The summit will provide the opportunity for ABG to seek the people’s views on a proposed plan of 10 principles for a new approach to weapons disposal on Bougainville.