Bougainville queries Yakasa appointment

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The National,Thursday 22nd December 2011

THE Autonomous Bougainville Government says the Papua New Guinea police hierarchy did not consult it when appointing assistant police commissioner Fred Yakasa to head the Bougainville Police Service.
Yakasa replaces Thomas Eluh who spent the past 18 months establishing impact community policing initiatives that had contributed to peace and reconciliation in Bougainville.
Bougainville acting President Patrick Nisira said the failure to consult the ABG was in breach of the Bougainville Peace Agreement that stipulates that both parties must consult in any matter of good governance, law and order and security.
He said it was crucial for the sake of continuity and stability of Bougainville that the ABG was included in any decisions to appoint senior personnel from the national government to serve in Bougainville.
“The national government should exercise caution. There should be no more appointments as it will lead to greater instability. What is at stake here is peace,” Nisira said.
He said Eluh had worked well in the region and through his own efforts had won the respect of the people of Bougainville.
He said removing Eluh was not in the best interests of Bougainville.