Bougainville shouldn’t break away from PNG


PAPUA New Guinea is a special nation that people want to visit and experience.
It is unique with different people cultures, languages and resources.
When we say one people, one country, one nation, it qualifies our uniqueness.
The people of Bougainville are part of PNG and as a former MP, I do not support granting independence to them because we came a long way as a nation and at this time, we should stay together as one people.
Yes, when PNG was not financially sound, Bougainville Copper Ltd (Panguna) played an important role, using the financial proceeds to develop other provinces.
Today with minerals such as gold, silver, oil and others popping up in various parts of PNG, it’s our turn to use these proceeds to develop Bougainville in terms of infrastructure development and other social needs.
As per the referendum result, the majority of Bougainvilleans expressed their desire to be independent.
However, our nation is fragile, given the varieties of cultures and languages and if we have to allow this, more provinces would push to be independent, eventually tearing up the country.
It would be similar to what is happening in Africa and some Asian countries.
We’ve always been one people, and we should remain as one people.
The Lord brought the people of this nation together.
I would not be happy if Bougainville breaks away from us.
The Government should agree and work on some areas of autonomy, but not granting full independence because that would encourage other provinces to do the same.
I am sharing as a leader and citizen of my country.
I’d love to see the people of Bougainville remain part of PNG.

Gisuwat Siniwin,
Former Nawaeb MP