Bougainvilleans urged to vote wisely


FROM the outset, let me give credit to my people of Bougainville for the peaceful referendum that was held last year.
Bougainvilleans have a tendency to being the firsts, gaining the first provincial government, autonomy and referendum.
I can only give praise, glory and honour to God Almighty for his divine intervention in allowing these historical events to transpire.
The journey that Bougainville has embarked on has just begun and God has been our help so far.
As we are preparing ourselves to elect the president who will lead us during this very critical part of our history, let us pause and seek God’s guidance.
We need to be very cautious in this election by voting for our leader who will be able to get us to the next level.
I believe the person that we should elect as our president has to display the right leadership qualities and most importantly be God fearing and filled with God’s wisdom.
God has always been in control and we need to seek God almighty to make the right choice.
We should vote for a person that is capable of leading Bougainville into an economically independent nation.
We have been richly blessed by God with riches beyond imagination.
Our next president should be able to develop these resources and bring Bougainville to the next level of prosperity.
We should elect a leader who is unselfish and willing to serve the people of Bougainville.
We need a president who will listen to the people and make decisions that will benefit Bougainvilleans.
I want to ask Bougainvilleans to vote for a candidate that will control the influx of foreigners who will come and I believe are already here on Bougainville to hoard and flaunt our resources.
Foreigners are good for the economic growth and development of Bougainville when they are allowed to operate large investment corporations or businesses and not trading businesses.
Currently, these foreigners have taken over most of our trading businesses in Bougainville and the rest of PNG.
We need our president to address this issue by taking control of this influx of foreigners and promote our small, medium businesses, leading Bougainville to economic prosperity.
Let us unite and vote for our next president with God’s guidance to take Bougainville to the next level.

Seth PM