Bowling club stages successful tourney

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The National, Wednesday 19th of February, 2014

MOUNT Hagen bowling club has successfully completed its men’s single bowling competition over the weekend.
The two days competition has attracted several male bowlers to turn up and expose their bowling skills.
Hardy Kokau was the winner when he finally defeated John Paradise to claim the title.
Bowling club president Lucas Roika said this competition was staged to prepare for the bigger single competition which will include many centers.
Roika said the competition was well started and ended successfully.
He said that for the start bowlers have been playing very well but then it was between Kokau and Paradise to decide.
He said but he is happy that Kokau has proven to become the best bowler in the province in the men’s single.
“Such competition is good as it will make a big challenge among the bowlers. This is part of practice and correcting of errors so that when it comes to bigger competition against other centers, Mt Hagen can prove to become the best,” Roika said.
Roika said that there many ways where bowlers can learn from their mistakes and this single competition is one that has helped them to polish their skills and focus on improving their talents.