Boxers fight for the ultimate today

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BOXERS will be out hunting for gold in their respective divisions at the Sir John Guise Indoor Stadium, beginning at 9am.
The semi-final bouts yesterday slowly worked its way through the divisions, knocking fighters out of the medal race, and qualifying winners eyeing today’s finals.
Thirty bouts were fought on the third day in the 57kg, 60kg, 64kg, 69kg, 75kg, 81kg, and the semi finals for the 48kg, 51kg, and 54kg divisions.
In the 57kg, Manus’ Trevor Changau, WNB’s James Matana, NCD’s Mark Heari and Central’s Eric Ipautsi qualified for this afternoon finals, along with Matthew Ume (Central), Matthew Tepi (AROB), Elias Konou (NCD) and ESP’s Jack Eka in the  60kg division.
Boga Tom (EHP), Samson Mote (WSP), Chico Emmanuel (NCD), and Shain Aming(NIP) moved on in the 64kg.
The 69kg will see Tobby Towe (EHP), Jeffery Jonduo (ESP), Lucas Wakore(WNB) and Michael Lemin(AROB) fight for the ultimate.
The 75kg has Philip Jarikari (Oro) Victor Sihung (AROB) and Peter Amala (Central)  through.
In the 81kg, Tony Toliman (ENB) Michael Pondram (Manus), Nicholas Aisa (CP) and Emmanuel Tagu (AROB) go through to  tomorrow’s qualifiers.
The 48kg saw Espy Wai (WSP) and Gavera Roy (Gulf) win their bouts to head into the final, while in the 51kg, Calem Wemu (ESP) and Romano Inapi (CP) advance to todays final.
The 54kg, will have Cornelius Inapi (Central) and Ivan Sikalaleta (NCD) fight out for their division honours.
Twelve semi-final bouts will open in the morning with the 57kg first up, through to the 81kg, before the medal fights in the afternoon.