Boxers just want to fight

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DESPITE warnings issued by the PNG Amateur Boxing Union against boxers who take part in unsanctioned bouts, many fighters will still take part in this Sunday’s amateur competition at Port Moresby’s Sports Inn.
The bouts, organised by the Hohola Youth Boxing Club (HYBC), have interested clubs from around NCD.
The which will take part in the bouts are Gerehu,Ensisi, Kido, Kaugere, JoyceBay and VadaVada.
Fights will be held in eight weight classes from 48-75kg.
HYBC head trainer Kevin Baki said the main reason HYBC and other clubs would go ahead with the fights was because it was what most fighters wanted and needed.
“We have had a long lay-off from fights and our members are getting restless with the lack of competition.
“We want to put on  amateur bouts on a regular basis but because of problems with the governing body, there has not been any progress,” Baki said.
“We have invited all interested clubs in NCD to attend and hope they will come for the sake of boxing.”
The bouts are scheduled to begin at 1pm with the weigh-in  to be conducted at 8am the same day.
Last week, a new ring was constructed by members of the club from materials donated by Steel Industries while  the Hohola Youth Development Centre’s facilities were used to make the ring.
Baki said HYBC and other like-minded boxing clubs were determined to  pursue their aim of holding regular amateur bouts in order to maintain the interest of the youth who have chosen boxing as their sport.
“These kids just want to box and that’s what we want to help them do so they can have something positive to turn to.
“Ask them and they’ll tell you thats all they want to do.”