Boy dies, cops suspended

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The National, Friday 06th January 2012

TWO policemen have been suspended pending an investigation into the death of a grade eight student after being arrested for unruly behaviour in Kundiawa, Chimbu, this week.
Daka Mondo, believed to be a 15-year-old from the Yongumugl tribe attending Prinorkwa Lutheran Primary School, in Kundiawa town, was pronounced dead at Kundiawa General Hospital on Wednesday afternoon after complaining of chest pains after his arrest.
Chimbu provincial police commander John Kale immediately suspended the two officers who were involved in the arrest the deceased and called for an immediate investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death.
He said police on routine duty apprehended the youth at the Western bus stop while trying to stop street sellers and youths harassing people at the bus stop.
Relatives of Mondo marched to the police station and proceeded to the Ega Lutheran church ground for a peaceful dialogue.
The meeting was attended by deputy Chimbu provincial administrator Alphonse Kee, Deputy Governor Teine Sogan, prominent lawyer Kerenga Kua, leaders of the Yongomugl tribe and elders from the Evangelical Lutheran church.
“I assured the relatives of the youth that a proper police investigation would be conducted immediately to uncover circumstances surrounding the death,” he said.
“I immediately suspended two of the policemen who arrested the young boy.”
He praised the relatives for understanding and respecting the law and opting for a peaceful negotiation.
“I highly commend the people of Yongomugl tribe for setting a good precedence in the New Year in respecting the law.
“People from other tribes in the province must follow the precedence set by those from Yongomugl,” he said.
Kale said Highlands regional officer-in-charge of the Criminal Investigation Division Michael Wellsh would bring an investigation team to investigate.
“There is no escalation of lawlessness in Kundiawa town.
“The situation is under control with businesses running smoothly,” Kale said.