Boy drowns on Christmas eve

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The National – Wednesday, December 29, 2010


AMONGST the peaceful and quiet Christmas celebrations in East New Britain was the death of a four-year-old boy who drowned at Toboi beach front in Rabaul on Christmas Eve.

Provincial police commander Supt Sylvester Kalaut said the boy, identified as Owen Malaisa, was playing with a group of children at the beach front and had gone into the sea for a swim when he drowned.

Kalaut said Malaisa’s body was later found at the beach by his parents and relatives on the same day.

The boy’s father, Terry Malaisa, is from Kerema, Gulf, and his wife is from East New Britain.

Kalaut also reported that police also apprehended a man from Tinganalom village for cultivating marijuana.

However, when police apprehended him, they also found pornographic materials in his possession.

Meanwhile, Kalaut has cautioned people in the province to continue in their peaceful celebrations through the New Year.

He said that there was no liquor ban in the province this year because the provincial administration and police wanted to prove that people in the province were responsible in their drinking during this festive period.

However, Kalaut also warned and informed all his officers on duty during the Christmas and New Year operations to look out for any one who caused trouble under the influence of alcohol.

He said any person charged with alcohol-related offences during the peak period would be allowed K500 bail.

He said the freedom and privilege to consume alcohol had already been given and must be used in the right manner.

In updates of the sex slave reports, Kalaut said the man was still in police custody whilst awaiting the man’s first wife, who has also spoken of suffering similar treatment by her husband.

Kalaut said the man had been refused bail for reasons that he might pose a threat to other victims and witnesses.