Boy electrocuted by fallen power line

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A FOUR-year-old boy from Enga province was found dead near his home late yesterday afternoon at Morata 2 in the nation’s capital after he was electrocuted by a power line that fell on the roadside after heavy rain.
Jefferson Kaulupa was the eldest son of George Kaulupa, a long-time resident of Morata who comes from Laiagam in the Enga province.
Eyewitness Jack Noah Yamaha said the boy was playing in the rain near his home when one of the power lines attached to the nearest pole fell across the road near Jefferson.
He said the boy unknowingly stepped on the power line which electrocuted him.
He died instantly.
Mr Yamaha said the boy’s father was also on the scene.
He was near his trade store chatting with some men but all didn’t notice the power line, which fell a few metres away from where they were.
He said the father was shocked when he realised that his son was lying still on the power line.
He said other bystanders and relatives were shocked and stood a few metres away from where the boy’s body was in fear of the power line which they thought might still be live and could claim more lives.
He said the tragic death happened at around 5.30pm.
The St John ambulance arrived a few minutes later and took the boy’s body to the morgue.
The relatives of the boy are mourning the death at their home in Morata 2.