Boy helps in missions


A GRADE 10 student from Australia was among parents and relatives of the 153 grade 10 students of the Lai Valley United Church High School in Southern Highlands who received certificates last Tuesday.
Will Pearce, 16, from the Sydney Church of England Grammar School, was accompanying his parents Collin and Helen Pearce, Paul and Lois Sullivan and Lindsay Rankin who are in the Lai-Valley local level government area of Mendi-Munihu to provide Christian leadership training through the Emmaus programme.
They also provide financial training and give loans through Mircolend Australia in partnership with United church to people interested in starting a business.
“I will be in grade 11 next year and I wish the students all the best in their future endeavours,” he said.
Pearce gave rugby balls and trophies to the school.
“For those who will continue onto grade 11, they must have dreams and for those who could not make it, there are other avenues to further their studies. God is the answer to everything,” he said.
“Thank you to all the people of Lai Valley LLG who have stood behind us (Australians).
“You have helped us navigate the contours of this beautiful valley, provided the best hospitality that has strengthened us to support the unfortunate people.”
Pearce praised the United church for providing health care and education, especially in the rural areas.
Principal Philip Koka said the school was new and needed infrastructure and resources to attract teachers and improve students learning.
He said it the provincial government’s wishes for each LLG to have a high school.