Boy reunited with parents

National, Normal


THE little boy who was reported missing was reunited with his parents and relatives after reading about their son in The National yesterday Theresa Nagi, the lady who found the boy crying alone in Hohola on Monday, said the parents came to her home at Hohola yesterday morning, with the help of Edward Kalisibeba, who was the contact person listed on the paper.
Unfortunately, Mrs Nagi and Mr Kalisibeba could not remember the names of the parents, or even the boy’s name, but believe the father is from Suau island in Milne Bay province, and works for a security firm while the mother is from Mailu village in Central province.
Mr Kalisibebab said the father called him on his mobile and that was when he took them to meet their son.
Mrs Nagi said when the boy saw the father coming he ran straight into his arms and said hello and hugged him and that was when everyone who had accompanied them started crying.
They thanked Mrs Nagi and her family for looking after their son, saying that if their son had ended up in wrong hands, they would never have seen him again.
Mrs Nagi’s father told them not to worry as they love children and did not want anything in return.
However, the father persuaded them to get the K100 as a token of appreciation for keeping their son safe and sound.
The boy is the second child and he had followed his mother in the morning when she was leaving the house at Hohola 2 for work when he lost sight of his mother.
Mr Kalisibeba said the father was asleep when his son went missing.
The family’s search was unsuccessful until they saw the picture of their son in The National yesterday.
They also extended their thanks to The National for helping them find their son.