Boy, seven, abandoned by parents

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A SEVEN-year-old boy was abandoned by his mother and step-father at a busy intersection in Lae immediately after arriving from Finschhafen last Thursday.
James Bigin from Hondiwu village, said he was left by his mother, step-father and all five of his elder sisters at the Snack Bar bus stop, Milfordhaven.
They told him that they would go to the Main Market and then return for him.
After that they would all leave for Goroka, to visit his aunty.
By nightfall, they did not return and he began to cry when the streets became deserted as he did not know where to go.
He walked to the Nambawan Trophy service station seeking for help.
Nambawan Trophy employee George Kepas saw him sobbing at around  7.30pm and took him home to Bumbu for the night.
Mr Kepas took the boy to Chinatown police station and reported the matter the next day.
Chinatown police are now appealing to James’ mother Dorcas Bingin and James’ biological father to claim him.
They were also asking for relatives from Hondiwu village to assist the lad.
James is now under the care of Mr Kepas, who can be contacted on mobile 7126 4198.